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Powerful Pseudonym

HumphreyEmpire Corp symbolizes the corporation of Khrist. 

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Spiritual Purpose

HumphreyEmpire Corp has Faith and institutes business principles.

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Moral Encouragement

HumphreyEmpire Corp is selfless. ME is an acronym for moral encouragement and a reminder to be selfless.


HumphreyEmpire, Humphrey, Empire, Business, Corporation, Honest, Symbol, Faith #HumphreyEmpire

HumphreyEmpire Corp only allows human shareholders and prioritizes workers. Accountability is canon.

His Holiness, Pope Francis I, dictated business etiquette would benefit from ethical leadership.

HumphreyEmpire Corp obliged.

The HumphreyEmpire Corp Golden Rule is morals over money.

HumphreyEmpire Corp



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Lunar Phoenix

Kaia theodakis evolved humphreyempire the brand into HumphreyEmpire Corp the business. Wednesday, 1/31/18, HumphreyEmpire Corp witnessed an incredible super blue blood moon and the ascension of Lunar Phoenix.



Lunar Phoenix, Shaman, Leader, Rise, Spirit, Unity, Justice, Power, Forge, Truth #HumphreyEmpire

Solar Phoenix

Kai humphrey acknowledged HumphreyEmpire Corp required further evolving. Kai forged symbols and alternate structure. Wednesday, 4/11/18, HumphreyEmpire Corp witnessed the ascension of Solar Phoenix.

Unified Forever


Marriage, Unified Phoenix, Engaged, Happy, Love, Sanctuary, Together, Life, Partners #HumphreyEmpire

Unified Phoenix

Wednesday, 11/7/18, Kai proposed. Kaia accepted. Kaia & kai committed to staying partners forever.



Divine Dragon, Order, Marriage, Love, Unified, Ceremony, Family, Union, Kingston #HumphreyEmpire

Divine Dragon

12/12/2018, in kingston, Kaia & kai married. Kai declared Divine Dragon Order into existence. The Order of the Dragon came into existence 12/12/1408. Kaia & kai humphrey legally bonded bloodlines. HumphreyEmpire fusion happened.


Morals, Rules, Laws, Truth, Honesty, Transparency, Love, Faith, Humanity #HumphreyEmpire

HumphreyEmpire Corp products preach principles through symbology. 



Unified Phoenix, Phoenix, Bright, Light, Fire, Eternity, Humanity, Closure, Fly #HumphreyEmpire

Human Harmony is Universal Faith.

We embrace Buddha. We love Jesus. We respect Christ. We believe in Khrist. The Universe is everywhere, everything, and every entity. The Universe is creation.

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Human Harmony

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Unified Phoenix, Phoenix, Bright, Light, Fire, Eternity, Humanity, Closure, Fly #HumphreyEmpire

Becoming The Phoenix

Egyptian Book of the Dead

”I flew straight out of Heaven, a mad bird full of secrets. I came into being as I came into being. I grew as I grew. I changed as I change. My mind is fire, my soul fire. The cobra wakes and spits fire in my eyes. I rise through ochre smoke into black air enclosed in a shower of stars. I am what I have made. I am the seed of every GOD, beautiful as evening, hard as light. I am the last 4 days of yesterday, 4 screams from the edges of Earth – beauty, terror, truth, madness – the Phoenix pyre.

In a willow I make my nest of flowers and snakes, sandalwood and myrrh. I am waiting for eternity. I’m waiting for 400 years to pass before I dance on flame, turn this desert to ash, before I rise, waking from gold and purple dreams into the season of GOD. I will live forever in the fire spun from my own wings. I’ll suffer burns that burn to heal. I destroy and create myself like the Sun that rises burning from the east and dies burning in the west. To know the fire, I become the fire. I am power. I am light. I am forever. On Earth and in Heaven I am. This is my body, my work. This is my deliverance.

The heat of transformation is unbearable, yet change is necessary. It burns up the useless, the diseased. Time is a cool liquid; it flows away like a river. We shall see no end of it. Generation after generation, I create myself. It is never easy. Long nights I waited, lost in myself, considering the stars. I wage a battle against darkness, against my own ignorance, my resistance to change, my sentimental love for my own folly. Perfection is a difficult task. I lose and find my way over again. One task done gives rise to others. There is no end to the work left to do. That is harsh eternity. There is no end to becoming. I live forever striving for perfection. I praise the moment I die in fire for the veils of illusion burn with me. I see how hard we strive for the truth, and once attained how easily we forget it. I hold that fire as long as I can. My nose fills with the smell of seared flesh, the acrid smoke of death, so that years from now I might look on that scar and remember how it was to hold the light, how it was to die and come again radiant as light walking on sand.

I change and change again, generation after generation. I find anguish then peace. I am satisfied with my birth and the Faith to which it led me. I do not regret the discomforts and terrors of my mortality any more than I regret the company of Angels. I have entered fire. I become invisible; yet I breathe in the flow of the Sun, in the eyes of children, in the light that animates the white cliffs at dawn. I am the GOD in the world in everything, even in darkness. If you have not seen me there, you have not looked. I am the fire that burns you, that burns in you. To live is to die a thousand deaths, but there is only one fire, one eternity.”

– The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day

***Slight Revisions Made

Alone humans are vulnerable. Together unstoppable.

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